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Unites more than 20 years of maritime automation engineering „made in germany“.

engine monitoring for watch-free operation

approved standardized application database, steadily increasing

pump, valve, compressor & fan control

ballast, bilge and FO Management, including tank level gauging

performance and FO consumption monitoring

liquid cargo handling

multiple client/multiple server architecture

open communication system network

decentralized I/O via solid fieldbus, unlimited number of I/Os

server, network and fieldbus redundancy available

remote communication gateway

third party systems easy to interface

please look for our struture here

user friendly state-of-the art, capable for touch operation

native lists and event history

multiple language selection

ship specific process graphics

standardized engine overviews

user scalable group and trend pages

class conform control permission handling

for example see our main engine here


proprietary, robust, rugged key components, hot swappable

type approved automation systems

optimized for maritime applications

low consumption, small footprints

solid-state memory components

wide range of panel pc´s and graphic workstations

for more details, use download our catalog

proprietary software for all key components and visualization

based on the experience on 5 generations of maritime automation systems

makes scalable automation levels possible

please look for our components here

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